The crisis of self-reliance


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Who we are?

DIIA is a coalition of Industrialists, Innovators, Scholars and Ex-officers (civil as well as defence), working in partnership with the Government of India. We seek to solve the crisis of ‘foreign arms dependence’ of India via a policy shift to ‘Design, Develop and Make in India’. Defence Manufacturers and Service providers of all sizes- Large, Medium and Small, are the committed backbone of our coalition.

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What we do?

DIIA helps inform and initiate Partner with the government to solve the crisis of ‘foreign arms dependence’.policy reforms which promote indigenization of hi-technology, self-reliance in Defence, and the establishment of a sustainable and robust defence industrial base.

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How we do it?

DIIA's theory of change is a three step model – policy gap identification, consensus formation and finally, advocacy of the solution.

why you should join us

The Defence sector promises great opportunities for those who ‘Make in India’ but these opportunities are stunted due to a variety of complex issues which are in-grained in our governance structures. The solutions are simple, the reasons well understood and the will to implement change is present.

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